Delicious Chinese Food, Famous in Indonesia

7 Delicious Chinese Food, Famous in Indonesia Chinese Food. Food is one of the primary needs that humans must fulfill. In various parts of the world, people have their own ways of making and serving food. Even though we haven’t tasted all the food in our country, sometimes we are curious about eating food from foreign people. Whether it’s South Korea, Italy, Saudi Arabia, China or China, etc.

Because the food of other people’s countries is so familiar, sometimes we actually adapt it and make it into a menu that is usually served every day. One of the things that is most often eaten is Chinese food. This food has its own characteristics. Whether in terms of spices, ingredients, processing, sauce, and of course the taste.

Chinese Food
So what Chinese (Chinese) food is tasty, delicious and very popular on the Indonesian tongue?

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Familiar with this food? In Kuningan (West Java), this food is called koecang. This delicious triangle is a typical dish made from sticky rice and wrapped in bamboo leaves. However, for the Chinese version, the inner layer is filled with meat. Whether it’s chicken, beef, or other fillings. We can also replace it with mushrooms.

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Food like sponge cake is also very familiar among people in Indonesia. Bakpau is made from wheat flour mixed with yeast. Originally, this traditional Chinese food contained meat, especially pork. But people started making other variants of the content. Some contain chicken, red beans, chocolate, jam, etc.

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Peking Duck

This legendary food is reportedly usually served to the nobility. However, this time even ordinary people can feel the delicious sensation of this duck that is grilled and then roasted. The color is bright brown and ready to sway the tongues of those who enjoy it. Not to mention the savory sensation mixed with sweet and sour sauce which is delicious.

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The next menu is a favorite food for those who like eggs, vegetables and sweet and sour sauce. Yes, fu yung hai is a fairly large omelet. Then on top there are vegetables, carrots or peas, and a drizzle of sweet and sour sauce. We can also replace the topping with seafood or meat, and add extra spiciness to the sauce.

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Seeing this dish, we immediately remember dumplings or dimsum. Jiaozi itself is a food made from shrimp or fish meat. The main ingredients are then wrapped in a special dough made from wheat flour and starch. Wow, looks good, huh?

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There is no doubt that this food, which is similar to noodles or noodles, already has its own loyal fans. The shape is distinctive and wide. The texture also feels chewier. The taste is certainly more delicious if it is seasoned with the right spices or sauce.

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Tamie is a type of noodle that is cooked by dry frying. The noodles are then mixed with capcay which is hot, thick and full of fresh, crunchy vegetables. The savory sensation really pampers our taste buds.

Well, those are 7 delicious and popular Chinese foods in Indonesia. Have you tasted them all?


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