Maintaining the Health of Your Little One in the New Normal Era

Maintaining the Health of Your Little One in the New Normal Era
In this new normal era, mothers must take better care of their little one’s health so that they are not easily infected by disease. Here are some tips.

[8 Tips] Maintaining Your Little One’s Health in the New Normal Era
Facing the new normal era, we must be extra careful and maintain our health so that we are not easily infected by disease. Especially for children who have weaker immune systems and are therefore more susceptible to illness than adults.

As a parent, it is the mother’s obligation to look after the health of her child. What tips can you do? This article will discuss it in detail for mothers. Listen straight away, come on.

Wearing a Mask When Traveling
Masks are a form of personal protection to ward off the entry of microorganisms from outside. In this new normal era, everyone is encouraged to wear masks¬† when traveling, including children. Choose a mask that fits your little one’s head and doesn’t make his breathing stuffy. Medical masks can only be used once, while cloth masks can be washed and used again.

Serve Nutritious Food Every Day
Serve Nutritious Food Every Day
Your little one will need nutritious food every day to optimize his growth and development. This time, he will need it more to help improve his immune system and health from within. What kind of nutritious food is that?
Nutritious foods are foods that contain important nutrients in the form of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. These five nutrients have various benefits that your little one needs and can be found in side dishes, rice, vegetables, fruit and milk.

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Give your little one Frisian Flag PRIMAGRO 1+ milk which contains complete nutrition to help meet children’s nutritional needs. This milk has been enriched with macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

Add Supplements
Your little one will also need additional supplements that can help strengthen their immune system. Among the types of immune-boosting supplements that are good to give your little one are vitamin C and zinc. Both can be obtained from fruits and vegetables, but if you feel they are lacking, you can give them in supplement form. But before that, consult with your doctor first, OK, ma’am, so that the administration is right and the best supplement recommendations are given.

Doing Physical Activities or Exercising
Mothers also need to invite their children to exercise regularly or do physical activities to maintain their body fitness. If the body is actively moving, then your little one will be at a small risk of getting sick. Apart from that, exercise is also useful for burning calories and bad fat, improving sleep quality, and preventing the body from becoming obese.

You don’t need to take your little one out, because exercise can still be done at home. For example, healthy exercise, yoga, throwing a ball, and jumping rope. Exercise at least three times a week for 15-30 minutes to make your body fitter.

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Get used to clean and healthy living
Your little one must be trained to live a clean and healthy life from an early age as an effort to protect his or her health from viruses, bacteria and germs that cause disease. Start with simple habits such as washing your hands regularly using soap and running water or hand sanitizer that contains alcohol when it is difficult to get water.

Hands are the most vulnerable part of the body to become a hotbed of disease because they often come into contact with various kinds of objects. Therefore, hands must be cleaned more often using the 6-step hand washing method, especially before eating, after eating, after urinating, after traveling, and after touching objects in public places.

Get enough sleep
Get enough sleep
To maintain health, the body also needs enough sleep. During sleep, the body will rest and energy is replenished. Sleep time for children will of course be different from adults, right, Mom. Little ones aged 1-3 years need 12-14 hours a day, aged 3-6 years 10-12 hours a day, while for ages 7-12 years the sleep time is 10-11 hours a day.
Not only beneficial for health, your little one’s sleep time is also beneficial for growth and development, you know. Bedtime will affect your little one’s thinking and concentration, boost the immune system, and affect mood.


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